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  1. Rarely I feel the need to comment on posts like this, but would like to share my thoughts. Aled Jenkins was my dentist too, living in Longlevens at the time I went to him as an emergency as I was in so much pain. I had visited a dentist probably twice in 20 years due to my hatred of 'the needle' or 'the drill'...I was petrified by them, brought on by a careless dentist cutting my top lip badly as a teenager. I needed to have extensive work 'done' as it turned out, 5 teeth extracted and dentures made. It was safe to say I nearly passed out at the thought of this but Aled was nothing short of incredible at settling and reassuring me throughout the process. For over 18 months I was in and out of Aleds' practice gradually having the work I needed doing done and I have him & his dental technician to thank for giving me back my smile which I had consciously subdued for many years due to the 'state' of my teeth. Not to labour on 'Doughnut's comment too much, as it was an all to common blanket 'spectator' post from someone who had no connection to the subject matter or more importantly person involved. I just thought I'd add some 'mitigating' information here. Aled became as much a friend as a dentist during my time as a 'customer' and after chatting with him many times, I can tell you, his passion for motorbikes & it's culture was lifelong, not arriving in 'middle age' just because he had a 'few spare bob'. I think at last count when we had talked, hesitant to seem boastful in any way, he said he had around 50 bikes! 'Ayra'. One of the conversations we had was about was when he asked if I had any children (at the time I said no) as he said it was paramount you instil good practice and habit in cleaning teeth early on, so we both laughed when I said I'd bear that in mind for the future! I asked if he had any children of his own and he said he had a little girl called Eira, I said as in 'A-Y-R-A?' to which he corrected me, when I said that was a beautiful name, he beemed and said she was every bit as beautiful & had 'changed his life'. Fast forward to 2017, I have a great dentist now who I credit with Aled helping give me back that confidence to go regularly. I also have a little boy of my own and will be sure to follow the advice he gave me. Not just an incredible dentist, but such a great bloke, I still think about my experiences often and was sad I never actually got to really say thank you properly to Aled for what he had done for me.