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  1. why do i keep getting logged off from the site all the time ? if i click on a new topic or try to reply i have to log back in ,and this sometimes takes 3 ,4,5 attemps?
  2. Condolences go out to all who have lost loved ones in the floods . our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time .
  3. just hope the get the A40 open soon before i run out of printer ink
  4. Do hope The computer shop is ok in tredworth as its where i go and get my bits and peices from . t
  5. On friday night trying to get home(which took over 12 hours ) we called into the KFC on the A40 the manager joked when we commented that Mc donalds on kingsditch retail park was forsed to close becouse they had no power that "we have no fear of a power cut here becouse of GCHQ" .
  6. Thanks nobby
  7. Hi Im a Romfordian (Essex) by birth now living in Littledean with my otherhalf Lisa and our son George . we have 3 children ,2 living in cheltenham One with lisa,s Ex another with her Boyfriend and our granddaughter . we have been Living in glocestershire since may 2004 returning from Lancaster where i had my Business to be nearer Lisas children . My intrests are ghosts and the supernatural , football, Computers and the Internet , rights for the disabled ,politics , Birdwatching ,History,airshows , photography.
  8. Sorry but where is white city? is it local slang? (not from gloucestershire originaly myself)
  9. For anyone who can get to cinderford our local LidL has bottled water in stock . P.S. why do i keep getting logged out ? between posts ?
  10. Not sure if this of any help to people but if you can get to cinderford our local Lidl has good supplies of bottled water .