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  1. Also revealed on one of these family history shows, it was revealed that both Kylie Minogue's, Donny Osmond's and Olivia Newton John's family trees, go back to ancestors, who came from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. Well, I'm not sure if ONJ's were from from Mertyr ? But definitely ALL have Welsh connections.
  2. Hi, Thanks everyone ! Sorry I've only just seen this. But better late than never ! I am now officially 52 years old Nobby !
  3. For Sale Repairs or Spares... VAUXHALL VECTRA ESTATE 1.8 (1997) Now SOLD !
  4. On behalf of a friend FOR SALE: One Spare Ticket to See Psychic Sally Morgan on Weds Nov 28th at Cheltenham Town Hall. * Balcony seat with restricted viewing £24 SOLD !
  5. Posting here on behalf of a relative. For Sale Repairs or Spares... VAUXHALL VECTRA ESTATE 1.8 (1997) Ideal for enthusiastic mechanic. This is my wifes car and has always been used as a runabout for chores and taxiing the kids about,it has always been reliable and never let us down but now it has developed a problem getting gears, It's a very long time since I've worked on cars but I don't think it's the clutch as it is difficult to get a gear even with the engine switched off, so it may be that the selector has come adrift from it's shaft inside the gearbox. however when you can get it into gear the car will cut out when you lift the clutch to pull off possibly because it's not in the gear you think it is. anyway feel free to contact me with any questions or make an offer. BTW: In April we recently had some work done to fit new rubber blocks and ball joints etc. also had 3 new tyres fitted. £400 Or Best Offer. PM Glawster Born for contact details.
  6. Would the same apply, had the school and staff been defamed on Facebook ? Facebook have a 'Report Abuse' button and yet it's claimed that they seem to IGNORE complaints, unless the media take it up and the founder is approached by the media.
  7. Maybe you should have Paul Chalmer's Tel No, to give the next security guard, or a signed ''Pass'' from him, to show to whoever tackles you, next time that you're taking photos.
  8. I first signed up to Facebook in 2003 and then closed the account within weeks, for same reason as Nobby's stated and only reopened my FB account, due to a friend in Australia wanting to chat through FB and I have been using it since. However, If you get abuse from certain people, then you can block them, thus preventing anything they post, from appearing on your screen, also they won't be able to find you on there at all, but you also won't be able to find them either. But it IS useful, especially for joining groups, such as Our History - Gloucester and sharing memories and photo's. Although, as Eddie has already quite rightly stated, they don't care about where the photos come from, or who owns the copyright to the pics, so long as they 're relevant to the FB pages subject, in this case Gloucester and made available for all to see. Hmmnn, Facebook ? It's like Communism, they ALL want what you have and believe everything should be shared, but don't want to have to put in the hours and the work that you've put in and NONE of them want to pay for it, expecting it ALL for free. Yes, that about sums up Facebook.
  9. Well no, it's also the principle and people with principles are a rare, if not dying breed.
  10. Another book to be highly recommended is... Gloucester Through Time by Rebeca Sillence ISBN 978-0-7524-4549-3 You see the old photos of yesteryear, alongside the modern photo, taken from the same viewpoint. Available through Amazon
  11. Had they published a book and made a lot of money out of it, using your pictures as well as those that others that have posted their old photos of Gloucester, on Facebook and elsewhere, THEN you and they would have a case, so could form a group and take the publisher to court and IF you then won the verdict. Only then would you get compensation and your legal fees paid. Unless, they upheld the verdict that because the old photos were published online, on websites such as Facebook, even though NOT by you and so the copyrights are still given away, then you're screwed. The only ones that would make the most money out of the case, would be the lawyers, at the end of the day.
  12. I agree Eddie, but it's the stupid laws and the ridiculously high legal costs, plus extortionate lawyers fees on top, which allow these people to pinch your photos etc and post them on websites, such as Facebook and get away with it. Blame the MP's and the UK's antiquated laws, as well as the greedy lawyers and the broken legal system, which gives criminals and terrorists, more rights than the law abiding people.
  13. Watching a BBC debate show and they mentioned copyright and pictures etc, posted on Facebook and an expert on copyright laws stated... '' Once you've posted pictures on the internet on sites such as Facebook, then you've virtually given away ALL your copyrights to those pictures. '' However, no mention as to whether or not you still own the copyrights, if someone else copies and then posts your pictures on any internet sites ?
  14. Facebook: Our History Groups ( You will have to join Facebook to view ) By Merv Smith in Our History - Gloucester ·
  15. I found only ONE guest review for Rose-in-Vale Boutique Hotel, Cornwall which said.... ''Food and service first class. Reception very helpful and beds comfortable. But the bedroom design was poor.'' It does seem a very nice hotel, but I'm surprised that there's only one review ?