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  1. Thank goodness we are going to see the Jet Age Museum opening in 2013. It's taken 20 years but finally getting there with the building shell up, electrics etc. getting installed and the interior to be sorted in the new year, 2013. This sort of development is so important to let people know about the history of our area, other than the ancient history. It was very gratifying to hear that our MP, Richard Graham, would like to see some recognition of the Gloster Aircraft Company at the new triangle park. Don't know if it will happen because it's a lot more complicated than you might think but to have a Meteor on display would be brilliant. Look out for Jet Age Museum updates on their facebook page and you can help them out by donating at the website or by 'Sponsor a Brick'.
  2. Missed this Eddie, I had been waiting for this to happen for months and I could have placed a bet on the date being while I was away at the Malta International Air Show. Sods law I guess! There was a terrific reaction to her appearance, so glad everyone enjoyed her and hope the thousands that watched her dipped into their pockets to donate at the website http://www.vulcantothesky.org
  3. Does anyone know if there is a list of events that are on for Armed Forces day? I have done a quick google search but it didn't turn anything up for Gloucester. If I find anything I'll post back on here. EDIT UPDATE - Found this link but looks like the nearest official event is Kemble ! http://www.armedforcesday.org.uk/events/details.aspx?id=8872638
  4. I tried to 'like' your post but I was told I'd reached my quota of votes for the day. It's the first one I'd tried and I haven't been on here for weeks !!! Never Mind, I'll put the link on my facebook page. Also, on the home page at the website it doesn't tell you where the show is. If anyone is not familiar with Highnam Court they are going to have to search among the drop down menues to find where the show is, and even then it doesn't tell you how to get there. Quite an oversight on the part of the organisers. Looks like a great show and I intend to be visiting.
  5. Easter Monday is a date already in your calendar but if you don't have anything else but 'Easter Monday' in it then add this event. It's at the FLYING SHACK and I've pasted the flyer below with the info. Also, look at the Jet Age Museum website - Buy a Brick to support the museum building which starts in June, you could also join the museum as a member as well, it's a great LOCAL cause and will be a fantastic new attraction for visitors to Gloucestershire. http://i572.photobuc...07/IMG_4075.jpg
  6. Thought you would all like to know that the next joint event with the Jet Age Museum, Vulcan to the Sky and The Flying Shack, will be held on 09 April, Easter Monday, at the Flying Shack. Starts 10:00 until 17:00. The last one held on the 10 December was a roaring success and brought in much needed funds for the building fund of the Jet Age Museum. 'Biggles' will be there as well as aircraft tours of the Javelin, Meteor and E28/39 (All Gloster Aircraft Company designed and built aircraft), the Vulcan (XM569) nose section will be open to the public and merchandise stalls for the Jet Age Museum and Vulcan to the Sky so come and fund both of these excellent charities and also support the flying shack. You will have seen that building on the new museum premises is planned to commence in May and we hope the museum will be open in September, if not August. The more money raised the better the facilities can be at the museum. Have a look at the 'This is Gloucestershire' article about 'THE JET AGE MUSEUM' To join the museum as a member please go to THE JOIN AND DONATE PAGE to download the form for sending in to the membership secretary.
  7. What a great day, and a very worthy cause for anyone in Gloucestershire or anyone remotely interested in aviation. The Jet Age Museum is keeping alive the history and heritage of the Gloster Aircraft Company which built aircraft at Brockworth for generations. It is also the site where Britains' first jet aeroplane flew, the E28 Whittle. Get involved, become a member of the museum at their website
  8. The aim of the Jet Age Museum is to keep the Aviation Heritage of the Gloster Aircraft Corporation alive in the county and for the national heritage. The company was based at Brockworth airfield, now the business park, and made a significant contribution to the UK's aviation history including the first jet aircraft flights, hence the 'Whittle' pub & restaurant and 'Whittle Square' on the business park near Tesco. They, the Jet Age Museum, are planning on starting the build for the the new museum premises after having to close down about 10 years ago. New museum will be on the Cheltenham road, opposite Dowty's and behind the large caravan sales place. They need funds to complete the building, transport aircraft that are scattered all over the county in various barns and other storage places, plus ongoing costs when they open of course. Although admission is free a donation would be very much appreciated. You can get to sit in the Vulcan XM569 cockpit as well as 'Biggles' for budding young future pilots. Becoming a member of the museum helps them to raise funds as well of course and you can apply at http://www.jetagemuseum.org
  9. I have today used the services of James and his van for the 4th or 5th time and I cannot sing his praises enough. See his services, prices and other information at his website He is a good bloke, an experienced and safe driver, willing to do pretty much anything for his customers and charges reasonable rates. He started in 2005 going out on a limb to work for himself and he has already built a great reputation for service and reliability. I have used Van Hire companies in the past but usually find I only need it for a few hours, not 24, so it's stuck outside our house until the next day when we can either return it or it gets picked up. With James you pay only for the time you need him and his van (he now has his transit, 2 x Luton vans and a smaller van for courier or small jobs). He is also very happy to either help you with the lifting and shifting or can provide an additional helper if you can't do it yourself with his help. He provides an excellent service and I can highly recommend him. I shall never again use a Hire Van company.
  10. I haven't yet made my mind up which way to vote on the AV Referendum, I need to give it a lot more thought and the comments on this forum are helping. Sadly, being a Lib Dem supporter, I have to agree with Reg about the Liberal Democrats in coalition, it hasn't done them any favours. They come across as very unprofessional, very inexperienced in government positions and I think Nick Clegg comes across as a bumbling puppet. Never thought I'd say such things but he's said some pretty daft things since taking power.
  11. Listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning they covered the battle of Imjin, Korea, where the Gloucester Regiment earned the name 'The Glorious Gloucesters'. It was an interesting item and even more so when they reported a couple of ex regiment soldiers returning to Korea where they are treated like heroes, justifiably it seems. I'm ashamed to say that I did not see the significance in the renaming of RAF Innsworth to Imjin Barracks, but then again I'm a foreigner from the far reaches of the North East of England.
  12. On Saturday I visited the Jet Age Museum site at Brockworth where they are restoring aircraft ready for the new Museum location at Staverton. It's about 9 Years since they had to move away from Staverton due to increased rental charges and demands for the space for commercial reasons. Moving back is incredibly good news as it means all of the exhibits can again be together after being scattered throughout the county for the past decade. Information is available at the Jet Age Museum website http://jetagemuseum.org/default.aspx The Museum has the aim of housing an example of every aircraft built by the aircraft factories in Brockworth, even if it means building replicas from scratch which is an amazing task. They have a Gamecock which has so far been 17 years in the making and it's definitely worth seeing the workshop which also has a full size replica E28 (Whittle's jet engine test bed aeroplane) but you wouldn't believe it's a replica. On the website there is information about workshop visits, if you belong to a group it's well worth getting a visit organised. The one I went on was organised by the Vulcan to the Sky organisation http://www.vulcantothesky.org Aviation is a major part of Gloucester's terrific history, it's good to see it being kept alive. I've joined the museum membership and I would urge everyone in Gloucester to do so as every penny is needed to keep the museum going.
  13. Here's one police car you can't miss. Any sightings of it on the M5 or further north in the WM region? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346563/Midlands-police-forces-latest-squad-car-162mph-Lotus-sportscar.html
  14. I'm an immigrant to Gloucester, being from South Shields myself. If you want to see a dump just visit Shields but on the other hand there are some lovely areas. Terrific sandy beaches, Souter Point lighthouse, lots of really lovely park areas, the Lawe Top (cliffs about the sea) which everyone who has ever watched the Great North Run will know as it is where the finish line is. There are other nice places including the redevelopment of the docks area. I don't want to go on too long about Shields but my point is that everywhere, even Cheltenham, has it's bad and good areas. My only experience of Sheffield is passing by on the M1, not a pretty sight but then not many places are pretty when passing through on the motorways or train. I like what's happening in Gloucester, and I know 'The Cube' in Kings square is due for demolition and the whole area is to be redeveloped, funds permitting of course nowadays. Northgate St is a tip, Southgate St was but that is all being smartened up. Westgate St is full of lovely little shops and the Cathedral area of course and the Tailor of Gloucester house/shop. Eastgate St is ok and has most of the practical shops and banks etc. We have an amazing museum and history from before the Romans were here and through to the Civil War and the Aviation industry. The Quays is great and the pedestrian walkway to it from the town centre is coming on well. I was one of the first to knock what was happening at the docks with the redevelopment but my old grandmother used to say 'Fools and Bairns shouldn't see things half done'. Maybe she was right.
  15. Don't know if anyone saw my response in the 'Thisisgloucestershire' website item on this but it started 'Are you mad Mr Gravells' and then went on to lambaste the idiotic comments such as people are being treated locally. My mother, 84 years old, fell and dislocated her shoulder and broke her Femur where the pin for her hip replacement is. Paramedic, Ambulance crew and A&E were terrific. She was admitted to GRH Rehab 1 ward and I could visit her with a few minutes on the bus and a 15 minute walk to the hospital from Kings Square. As she needs 6 weeks bed rest the rehab ward said they are not equipped for this and she needs to move to a 'Local Community Hospital' so they moved her to Moreton in Marsh. 30 miles away and at least 50 minutes drive. Hardly flaming LOCAL Mr Gravells !