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  1. Whilst that sounds really positive; the question has to be asked how those figures are created; are they just created as a result of changes to the Benefits system; in other words people have been taken off Jobseekers Allowance for what ever reason; so they are not counted even though they actually haven't got a job. There is of course ATOS who are removing people from Disability Benefits I read an interesting story from the Scottish Daily Record; who interviewed a nurse who had worked for ATOS in Scotland; but had resigned because of the way they were claiming people were fit to work, it was outrageous; she had to lie. Interesting that there were three Care Companies there; can't see too many young people coming into Care not with the current climate of cutting costs; which keeps wages very low; £6.50 an hour is a great enticement.
  2. I'm afraid it isn't over Mr D., sadly we are suffering from censorship in this country; my vets association has a direct newsfeed from BBC NI, news that is broadcast over there is not being so over here; so the impression you get is that all is rosy; unfortunately it isn't; there are bombs, hoaxes and shootings on a regular basis. Thank you for taking the trouble to read the book. If you get the chance try some books by Ken Wharton, a fellow vet and friend; gives you a soldiers perspective; get them from the library though, he's from Yorkshire so they aren't cheap
  3. So the hunters are requesting an extention, as they've only managed to slaughter 700 of our furry friends; so Brock has taught himself ninja skills and has become a camouflge expert.
  4. Apparently, there will be limited parking, as something else is on at the same time.
  5. Well of course REPORTED crime has dropped; there's nowhere to report it!!!
  6. Eddie, yes the statistics are there; but tell me how altering the age you can take a driving test by six months will alter those stats. It's a nonsense and an age pluckled out of the air. Making them have a minimum of 100 hours of training; will simply force more of them onto the roads illegally with no licence and no insurance; because they can't afford the costs of the training.
  7. I don't believe these measures would do anything apart from put more unlicenced young drivers on the road. What difference will six months make in the age you can take your test?. Driving for young people these days is ridiculously expensive; I listen to some of my young work colleagues on how much their insurance costs; one was nearly £2000 for a Ford Ka. Now the proposal is they must do 100 hours of training, how much will that cost?. Perhaps we should look at the other end of the spectrum, how about reducing the maximum age for driving; I've had more close shaves with dodgy old drivers than youngsters.
  8. So because these professional hunters have failed to make their quota; they want to gas the badgers so they can reach 5000 dead; what comes after that, nuclear weapons?
  9. And shooting badgers needlessly isn't?
  10. As a professional carer, can I just say, don't dive into help; ask the disabled person if they need a hand. Too often people with good intentions go to help when it is not needed; the trouble with doing that is you deskill the disabled person and take away their independence. So just ask; you may find you get a better response.
  11. I am the only one that things concerns should be raised before people have to die to get anything done!!
  12. Take it easy, and listened to the quacks(the good ones)
  13. What should be more of a concern is not where are they from, but the offence, "aggravated trespass"