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  1. As stated he was a life-long Toxophilite (Archer), I once shot with him at Dunster Castle (near Minehead) in the early 70's. A lovely man. Nobby
  2. Congrats to you both. Ann & I were going to renew our vows over the original Blacksmiths anvil in Gretna Green in 2001. Then we found there were another 9 original blacksmith's anvils in Gretna and the idea quickly faded into ridiculousness. Commercialism gone beserk!!!!! Nobby
  3. Ann and I have been given FREE tickets to see a pre-release of the movie DUNKIRK, on Monday evening, can't wait, no spoiler alerts please, if anyone has seen it. I hope it lives up to its 5 star rating and critical acclaim. Nobby
  4. What with Boar and possibly Lynx roaming free, it could turn into either the Hunger Games or Pommie equivalant of the Ozzie Cane Toad Explosion. Nobby
  5. I will let my bro know. what will happen to the place now, they can't pull it down as it would have been a listed building, especially the Monks Retreat. I think that it is time that the National Trust were got onto the case. It has been a disgrace how the place has been treated since it's closer. Might need to get Paul Harris on the job, go on Paul, make a name on the National Scene. Nobby
  6. That is such a pity, I have many fond memories of drinking in The Monk's Retreat, even before I was 18. My brother had his wedding reception there. Then good nights when it became the Bier Keller. What is the amount of the actual damage? Nobby.
  7. Sorry that I missed this original post but I remember my sister, who was living in Cotteswold Road at the time, telling me about the hell that you all went through. At the time they were renting a house next to the vets, at the matson end of the road.It was only when the floods came that they found out that the house had been built over an underground stream, which became an underground torrent. I always say to Ann, when ever we have a power failure and have moved outside with a bottle of wine and candles, "it doesn't take much to send our techno world back to the middle ages." Nobby.
  8. Thanks very much Boss, it was a quiet one bt enjoyable. Nobby
  9. I apologise Boss, a very belated best wishes on your Birthday, from Ann & I. Nobby
  10. Our Mum made a great Bread Pudding, whether served Hot or Cold it would cling to your stomach and keep you fed for hours. I have made it a few times, when the kids were younger and it certainly quietened them down. Plus Yorkshire pud and spotted dick, comfort food of old. Far better than Mackers and KFC that todays kids fill up on, cheaper too. And who could forget Bread and Dripping, food of the poor but manna from heaven. Nobby.
  11. G'day Vanda, I used to love Eiffel Tower Lemon Drink, the thought of it brings back memories of long summmer days, fishing the canal, as a kid. We were too poor for the other things, we only had proper semilina pudding and sago or rice puddings. To quote Ken Dodd, "Our family was so poor, I was naked until I was five, then Mum bought me a cap so I could look out the window"!!! Nobby
  12. My nephew Adam, who is staying with us as I write, used to live in one of the units in the old building which is pictured behind the flotilla. Nobby.
  13. G'day Vanda, Pick your head up girl, all Broms in pots get to look like that. All that is wrong with them is that they are "Pot Bound". They actually look very healthy, the Brom foliage is not the highlite of the plant, it is the flower that makes the plant. Get them out of the pots, put one or two small ones back in with some growth agent and plant the rest in a sunny spot in the garden, sheltered from the bad weather, give them a bit of feed and an occassional watering (into the flutes only) and watch them grow. Once you get pups, break them off and pot them. Give it a few years and you will have a market stall, trying to get rid of them. Well Done. Nobby.
  14. G'day Paul, I don't usually comment on any of the LOCAL political posts but on this I believe that I have a good knowledge of the subject. I was a Prison officer for 22+ years, in NSW and rose to the rank of Deputy Superintendent. I can tell you that there is nothing more disgusting that having some "GROT" gob in your face. I had it happen once and the git never did it again, as he quickly learnt the error of his ways. I believe that police and any other public servants and members of the public should be allowed to go about their duty or life, without an assault being carried out on them, especially in this cowardly manner. If a SPIT HOOD stops repeat offenders of this disgusting habit then put them on, it in no way stops their human rights, as they have forgone those with their actions. OH!! AND WHEN YOU PUT THEM ON, DO THEM UP TIGHT!!!. Nobby
  15. Vanda, I look forward to seeing POMMIE Broms, with anticipation. Nobby.