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  1. Haven't tasted it yet.....
  2. Hi friends, I have a security system at my office. It was installed 10 years before. Hence it's quite old. So I'm not sure if the system is hack proof. As the world is progressing the crime rate is increasing. So I think it's very necessary to keep your workplace safe and secure. As hacking is quite common everywhere, proper care must be taken to protect your systems from being hacked. In order to tighten up the security, I'm planning on changing my security system. Recently I went through an article titled how to make your wireless security systems hack-proof. It advises one to make the WiFi password protected and to ensure encrypted signal wireless security system. It also speaks about commercial security monitoring services. Any tips on installing a security system? Any drawback for the hack-proof security system? Has anyone recently installed it? How about the installation charges? Please do share your valuable suggestion. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi friends, I am Ralph, a newbie to this forum. Glad to meet you all. Hope everyone is fine here.