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  1. I have now set the group up as a not-for-profit sports club. There is more info on the website if anyone else is interested in joining us.
  2. Hi all, I've just set up Stroud Canicross. For those who don't know what canicross it's - it's cross country running with dogs, whereby the owner is attached to their dog at the waist and you run together. It's a fantastic way to get both yourself and your dog fit, not to mention an easy way to tire your dog out! We're a friendly group who meet reguarly to run and welcome those of all ages, fitness levels and breeds of dog (provided the dogs themselves are fit and healthy). I'm running two beginner sessions at Rodborough Common in Jan where folk will be able to try out canicross equipment (provided we have enough to go around!).Please note this is a free, non profit group! Find us on FB and join our group - we hope to run with you soon!