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  1. Thank you Alex.
  2. Thanks
  3. If you live in Abbeydale ward you should have already received this, however if you have not and are still considering who to vote for on May 5th here is my campaign leaflet.
  4. Excellent, off to the sticks you go.
  5. Good for you.
  6. Not sure it is a time of year thing here. From when I noticed an increase in properties going up for sale last year, it's been a regular thing. I don't think I Would move anywhere else in Gloucester but it's nice to know if that dream coastal opportunity comes along we shouldn't have any problems selling and with a nice profit going by recent sale prices. Good luck with finding a buyer, have you found somewhere you want to move too already?
  7. Still selling almost as quick as they go up for sale, happy days.
  8. UPDATE- So, highways basically didn't want to know originally, it then went as far as area highways manager who did give me the time of day but ultimately the old chestnut of 85-6 million backlog was given to me and he declined to meet me, school headmaster and Councillor to see first hand the problems the footpath has. Myself, Councillor and Heron school headmaster did eventually meet. I accepted long before that meeting we weren't getting a widened footpath, and had offered some low cost compromises for certain problems areas, even offered to take my own spade and help. Councillor had originally been helpful and came across in earlier emails understanding and it felt positive. Sadly when we met in person with the head teacher of Heron it was very negative and political and quite frankly childish. It got to the point where even my request for the council to contact one resident who's garden bush was clearly blocking the path, taking up half of it in fact, was rejected, reasons being it might upset the resident, so so negative. I questioned it and knew I was right about the bush as it has since the meeting been cut back, looks a lot better and is safer. That's it though, basically the other points I made have been ignored and it still remains a shared footpath for cyclists and pedestrians. I don't like party politics and especially when it gets in the way of local ward improvements.
  9. Are once again organising a fantastic Summer Fun Day to raise funds for Abbeydale Playgroup and this year is our 30th Anniversary so we hope to make it extra special! All proceeds will be going towards our new outside play area for our lovely Playgroup children. On the day there will be children's activities, fun fair stalls, bouncy castles, local stallholders, donuts and candyfloss, hot food and ice cream, face painting, children's activities and crafts, a fabulous raffle, tombolas, cakes, books and toys and a special 30th Anniversary celebration!
  10. I have no time for Brand, now apparently encouraging people to vote Labour everywhere apart from Brighton. To bad for the people who followed his previous advice. If not registered they have missed the chance to register to vote.
  11. I read today that a Lib Dem millionaire has been urging Gloucester Lib Dems to vote Labour in Gloucester, bit of a kick in the teeth for Jeremy. What's your opinion on that Paul?.
  12. Glad you did report it. I know it was reported over a year ago as I was there at the police station standing next to the person reporting it, same as you though not much interest shown.
  13. Hmm Interesting, wasn't going to continue this conversation but I'm interested to know when you contacted the police?
  14. We will be outside the Guildhall in town tomorrow from 10:30. Why not come and see us Bartonite?
  15. Ok Paul I wasn't aware UKIP had stood in Barton and Tredworth previously maybe a long long while ago?. I felt it necessary to mention the votes because you seemed not to think we could potentially build on those votes and gain more in the absence of a Labour candidate. Maybe a lot of Labour will vote Lib dem in which case I'm wrong, doubt it though as we are getting more and more old Labour support. I guess you and Phil will have to wait and see. It's certainly possible.You will have plenty of time to chat on Friday but if I see Phil before hand I'll let him know. If you want to get elected best of luck Paul.