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  1. Did anyone else feel that? About twenty minutes ago now, house shook twice pretty vigorously.
  2. My partner is descended from the Theyer family of Brockworth. She did quite a bit of digging and cross-checking into the family tree shown in the aforementioned book. For anyone wondering the book the original poster mentions is by Canon William Bazeley, the vicar at Matson in the early part of the last century.
  3. A book published in 1985 by Alan Sutton Publishing. I am selling this copy as I have more than one. The copy I am selling is a nice clean copy with some minor creasing to the cover, otherwise in very good condition. It's a good book with some interesting photographs of Gloucester. It is a paperback with 160 pages. Chapters as follows: Introduction Streets Buildings Church and Chapel Disasters The Royal Show Employment High Days and Holidays Some Schools and Sports Transport Acknowledgements £7 including P&P in the UK. Overseas delivery by arrangement, just contact me on here. To buy please just send me a PM or post below for more information if desired.
  4. A box set of Inspector Morse novels by Colin Dexter. Books as follows: Last Bus to Woodstock Last Seen Wearing The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Service of All The Dead The Dead of Jericho The Riddle of The Third Mile The Secret of Annexe 3 The Wench is Dead The Jewel That Was Ours The Daughters of Cain The Way Through The Woods Death Is Now My Neighbour The Remorseful Day The set originally retailed at £90.87. All books are in excellent condition, as new and unread. I am selling as I already have some well-thumbed reading copies of these books (which is why the books in the set haven't been read). £15. Due to the size of the set postage would be expensive so please contact me to arrange delivery or collection. I will deliver them in Gloucester.
  5. Seems the County Council started lending digital editions via OverDrive. I know they never used to have any kind of ebook lending or any integration with such commercial library services so this must have happened within the past year or two. Good news for Kindle owners, and such digital editions can be borrowed via Adobe Digital Editions on the PC.
  6. I remember there being a plaque in Matson Park with the park's byelaws/bylaws (I prefer the latter spelling) written on it. I don't recall seeing it in recent years so assume it must have been removed. I remember that some of those bylaws were a bit archaic - no cycling for instance and if I recall correctly no ball games (there's a pitch in the park but not ever used as far as I know). I tried the useless city council website but couldn't find any reference to the bylaws governing the park. Does anyone recall these bylaws or know what happened to them/the plaque?
  7. The golf club is calling it a day. Apparently they've been making a loss for 7 years. Not surprised that they are closing.
  8. Unremarkable except that it lasted quite a while. Seem to be getting a lot more frequent, about the third this month so far I recall.
  9. Very friendly, helpful staff. Sarah needed to get some shirts for work and found the usual places she shops didn't really stock any decent shirts for women so I recommended Hawes & Curtis to her and we were very pleasantly surprised at both how reasonably priced their high quality shirts are, and the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff.
  10. On the way home (after being delayed by the terrible traffic this evening) I ran into the BBC Street Auction people in Matson. Friendly people! Had a nice chat with them. The auction is in July, I'll try to post some more details later (having presently mislaid the leaflet that came through a few weeks ago).
  11. I had a quick look at that footpath today and while the original course has not fully been restored, you can get to the park from Matson Lane.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, do you live in the ward you are seeking to represent?
  13. Researched this some more today. Found an FoI request in which the City Council states it doesn't know what byelaws are in force in Gloucester. Typical Gloucester.
  14. Yes, I think the voucher was for those buying the new houses to try to encourage cycling. Unfortunately there's no cyclepaths in Matson at all, though Matson Lane and Sneedhams Road are both now part of a cycle route but there's a lamentable lack of information about that cycle route. I'll have to go back and have a look to see if they unblocked the right of way that was blocked up during the development.
  15. I wondered who had bought that building. They've been renovating it for a few months now.
  16. Welcome to the forum Stephen. I don't know much about the local issues in Hesters Way but it is good to see a candidate seeking out views and information ahead of time.
  17. Hi Germo, welcome to the forum. I live in Sneedhams Road. Nice to see another person from Matson posting. I walk past Matson House at least once a week, often more. I have yet to see the Blue Lady but I often think about the story when I'm passing by.
  18. I wish they'd cut the crap. Their product is rubbish and has been for some years now. That's why circulation is down, but of course it is easier to blame the changing times and digital news consumption instead. If it follows the same pattern as the Liverpool Daily Post then I suppose the Citizen will be scrapped within the next 2 years. What a disgraceful end to a paper with an enormous heritage.
  19. Matson Park is not that well maintained, the main path through the park has virtually disappeared in places and is very boggy in others. I take your point about the Redwell Centre, Together In Matson, etc. To be honest I hadn't realised they were in receipt of that kind of funding, I thought it was much smaller amounts. I frequently look at the noticeboard outside the Redwell Centre and rarely see anything to interest me and even if I do find something it is usually happening when I'm at work. I never can seem to find out anything about where all announced funding for Matson goes - I'd appreciate any pointers you might have on "following the money".
  20. Along the side of a long section of Matson Lane is the boundary of Matson House. A particular section of the boundary is an old red-brick wall which is rapidly deteriorating. Posting this mainly to raise awareness that the wall is deteriorating. I intend to contact the owners of the property to notify them of it too.
  21. There's dog muck all down the canal tow-path, left by inconsiderate owners. I don't have any pets so I don't have a 'dog' in this fight, but it seems to me that I've encountered a lot less cat muck than dog muck over the years.
  22. For all the supposed gushing we see little evidence of anything being done in Matson. I am very curious as to where all this money ends up.
  23. Oh. I was just about to post something in there and wondered why I couldn't find it.
  24. The city fought on the Parliamentary side in the Civil War. I don't have any strong opinion on the matter but it seems like another "quick win" gimmick for publicity alone which will have little to no effect.