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    rugbyaround the world but mainly gloucester RFC, but i enjoy most all sports. I also enjoy reading history ( British)....
  1. Best wishes Tammy Lynn on you birthday....
  2. Yes we would go there and loose a few pounds the pop across to the eastend tavern for a drink not very smart, the jockey that we saw most often was Terry Bidlecom ( spelling may not be right ) he was a over the sticks jockey and would of been over 6 feet tall which is tall for a jockey...
  3. And other very happy Christmas to you all from Australia........
  4. My rounds were in 1956 would collect my Citizens from tommy standfields place just by the co op bottom of stroud road then off up to Stanley road carlton road and others ( 14 doz + journals) collect firdays and sat my pay 10 bob / week. then have another morning round from high street ( paper shop there) tredworth !0 doz and deliever around the White City for another 10 bob.... These paid from my new bike from Sam Williams just past the co op stroud road....
  5. Yes it was a good program but where will they lay him to rest...
  6. Not sweating Eddie just heavy rain gale force winds and flooding , the ground is so well baked from the 40c temps the rain water just runs off...
  7. Good on ya vanda
  8. Good on ya vanda
  9. my mother worked as a nurse in the 1920,s but i am sorry i can,t relate any stories of her time there..
  10. Happy new year to all
  11. best wishes GB on your birthday..
  12. Happy and a safe christmas to everyone...
  13. last time i was in there Ronny watkins was the landlord and the food was good..........stu.
  14. Thank you all for your birthday wishes i am just pleased to have made it lol............stu
  15. Well in the war years nothing was wasted and after mum would make a meal from anything she could get her hands on rabit fish pigeon and rarely a roast on a sunday and that meal would last till a wednesday with a fry up........