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  1. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the pics
  2. A very merry Christmas to you You can always contact me at https://vandaandeddie.uk/
  3. Thanks Jack. I don't get on here that much now as it is now 2 years since I sold the business
  4. Stroud District Council The first boat journey for more than 80 years, on a stretch of canal near Stroud, has taken place. The trip, on the boat Wookey Hole, marked the restoration of the waterway between Stonehouse and Bowbridge, which was part of the wider restoration of the Cotswold Canals. Since 2009 the project - which is mainly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund - has seen restoration of over four miles of canal, nine locks and six miles of towpath. Stroud District Council's chief executive, David Hagg, said: "Thanks to a lot of great people, the first part is just about complete and the canal is there for the enjoyment of the whole community.
  5. Farmers say a cow which was "stolen" and destroyed by government officials who suspected it had bovine TB was clear of the disease. Hilary and Trevor Ogden, from Stroud, said they returned home to find a gate had been taken off its hinges. A cow suspected of having bovine TB was taken, but on Tuesday it was confirmed it did not have the disease, the couple said. Defra said this kind of intervention was "very rare". Mrs Ogden said the cow, named Cleo, was tested twice in the summer and cleared by the farm's vet. Another of their cows, Jasmine, was found to have TB and subsequently destroyed. However, the family said the government was not satisfied with Cleo remaining on Battledown farm, in Oakridge Lynch, with her two calves. Image copyrightGOOGLE Image captionThe family has a commercial herd at Battledown farm in Oakridge Lynch, near Stroud Mrs Ogden claimed she was followed when out shopping "so they would know when we were at home and when we weren't". "You're treated as if you're drug dealers or terrorists... that's what they do with people like that." A Defra spokesperson said: "Despite the distress and devastation caused by needing to remove cattle as reactors, the vast majority of livestock keepers cooperate with the government's policy to eradicate bovine TB from the national herd. "All such owners are contacted in person by APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) and the reasons for reactor removal and arrangements for their removal are explained in full and compensation is paid for the loss of each reactor." In 2016, 29,000 cattle were culled because of bovine TB and up to 33,500 badgers have been culled this year in an attempt to stem its spread. Defra requires cattle to undergo regular skin tests, to check for TB, and animals that show up positive for the disease have to be culled. BEEB
  6. Image copyrightGLOUCESTER CATHEDRAL Image captionGlenny designed this window at Gloucester cathedral in honour of local poet Ivor Gurney Plans to install a £100,000 stained glass window in a new bus station in Gloucester are being considered. A condition of the planning approval for the station was that it included a piece of public artwork. The window would be created by artist Tom Denny, who designed a window triptych at Gloucester Cathedral. Leader of Gloucester City Council, Paul James, said it would also "potentially help" the council in its ambition of being City of Culture in 2025. Image copyrightGLOUCESTER CATHEDRAL Supporters of the project said its cost is a very small part of the overall build: the new bus station budget is £7.5m. But some feel the cost of the artwork is excessive in a "cash-strapped environment". Leader of the Labour group, Terry Pullen, said the window cost is "an extortionate amount" and could have been better spent elsewhere: "We're in difficult times - we're facing stringent cuts - the council cannot justify committing this sort of money to the project" he said. BEEB
  7. Very good news indeed. I wish you the very best of luck
  8. A spokesman said: "We are currently carrying out an operation in Brooklyn Road, Cheltenham. "We are unable to release any further details at this stage."
  9. Image captionThe 183-year-old building was put on the market for £600,000 A green energy firm has been revealed as the preferred bidder for an arts and entertainment venue before the council wanted to announce it. The Stroud Subscription Rooms was put up for sale by the district council in the summer but their recommendation was leaked at a town council meeting. Ecotricity was named as the apparent favourite to buy the Grade II-listed building which was priced at £600,000. The district council said it would make a recommendation public on 16 November. District councillor Martin Baxendale said Ecotricty had been revealed as the preferred bidder at a town council meeting on Monday. 'Bizarre secrecy' He said: "There's no real reason for it to be kept confidential, other than - as far as I can see - to keep the lid on public debate. The majority of the group were in favour of the Ecotricity bid. "There were a couple who objected really strongly - including myself - to the whole principle of privatising this building. The level of secrecy over this is getting bizarre." Community group Stroud Trust, supported by the town council, has also put in a bid. Deputy mayor Margaret Poulton said: "It's definitely [financially] viable once the trust is in place - they're eligible for grants for updating the building. Ecotricity's Dale Vince said: "Our plans are to keep it as a public venue. We think we can make it better than it is today - and also to combine it with use by our staff during the day." Stroud District Council said: "An all-party group of councillors will make a recommendation to the Strategy and Resources committee on the future of the Subscription Rooms. This will be made public on 16 November." It said it had organised a public information event on 18 November "to get public feedback on the report" and the final decision would be made on 5 December. BEEB
  10. Content is being added daily
  11. I was asked to set up a web site for Minchinhampton. Early days yet but you can see it at https://minchinhampton.life/ The web site is intended to be a central hub for the town population to find everything that is going on , and a where to find local business
  12. About 600 workers are being shifted to a new firm created by four local councils in a plan to share services and operational costs. Publica Ltd will be owned by Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, Cotswold and West Oxfordshire councils. Cabinet member at West Oxfordshire, Colin Dingwall, said: "The company can start to sell its services to other councils so we can create income." Critics of the new firm say it lacks transparency and accountability. 'Uncertainty and anxiety' The Liberal Democrats at Cotswold District Council have called for a public meeting about the plan. Councillor Joe Harris said: "We appreciate that money is tight and we need to find innovative ways of saving money." But he added there are concerns about "the morale of the staff". He said when councils shared services in the past it had also led to a reduced level of service, with increased waiting times. The firm will be up and running by the end of October with staff beginning to move in November. Councillor Mark Annett, the Cotswold District Council leader, said he was "confident" that the "shared experience and expertise this brings" would benefit the four authorities. The councils believe the move will eventually save them some £1.9m a year. Current staff will retain their benefits such as a local government pension, but new staff will not be offered one, which the Unison union says will create a "two-tier workforce". Jayne Jackson from Unison said: "There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety because of the change coming up." beeb
  13. Forest Green Rovers Plans by green energy businessman, Dale Vince, to build an "eco park" business development near Stroud have been dropped. The founder of Ecotricity and chairman of Forest Green Rovers FC wanted to build the park near Stroud. Plans for a football stadium on the same site will still progress but move further from local residents. Outline planning permission has yet to be gained by Mr Vince. The stadium is now planned for the north side of the A419, having previously been penned in for the south side.
  14. Does that include the 270 senior civil servants who earn over £150,000 ? Are the public sector workers willing to give up their gold plated pension pots ? How would we find the money ?
  15. All Gloucestershire Police staff are to receive the same pay increase as uniformed officers. It follows the government's decision to lift the public sector pay cap and increase police officers' basic pay by 1%, with a further 1% one-off bonus. Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl said he and the chief constable agreed it was important officers and staff should be recognised alike. To do otherwise could be "divisive" or "damage morale", he said. All other constabulary employees, such as PCSOs, scenes of crime officers, ICT and other staff, are expected to receive a similar rise in basic pay. The extra money is expected to cost the force £236,000, spread over two years.