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  1. To anyone wondering.... This is Mike Broome, winner of the Tall Ships Photo Contest holding his prize, a canvas of his winning photo, that I delivered to him today. Congratulations Mike ! Looked great on canvas . Damon Damon Cannard Photography (www.damoncannard.com)
  2. Mikes canvas has now been ordered ! Very much looking forward to seeing it printed when it arrives . Damon Damon Cannard Photography (www.damoncannard.com)
  3. Congratulations to the winners ! Hard luck to those that weren't picked, you all took fantastic photos of a great event, and should all be proud of yourselves. All the best Damon Damon Cannard Photography (www.damoncannard.com)
  4. Same here, some fantastic entries, it's a shame they can't all win, it's going to be hard choosing just one ! Damon Damon Cannard Photography Www.damoncannard.com
  5. LOL Ren, I was actually working at the time, dog walking
  6. An SLR Camera ? You need a break from photography I can see the mouse though !
  7. Hi Guys, was walking down by the canal near The Pilot earlier, enjoying the rare sunshine and blue sky with white fluffy clouds, and saw this, made me smile .
  8. Great photos again Doughnut, but my favourite is that stunning sunset ! Excellent work !
  9. All great shots doughnut, i want to photograph the red arrows again, last time I did it was at the Dawlish Carnival, I took them from the sea wall in Dawlish Warren, didnt have a dslr then though it was a bridge camera so would love to have another try. The 4th pic down is awesome, i had to look several times to check you werent photographing a collision, well done !
  10. Im with Fasthost, have been for years, never had a problem myself, everyone will have a bad experience at one time or another with one business or another, i'm happy where I am, if I ever have problems I will probably move on, but as I said I've only ever had a good experience with them.
  11. Thanks Alex To be fair he made it pretty easy for me, just right place right time !
  12. I've had a few projectors in the past, still got my projector screen fixed to the top of the living room window, it was ideal just big enough to cover the window, so did 2 jobs, blacked out the room and provided a big 6ft wide screen, we use it as a blind now when the sun gets round. Only really stopped using projectors as we have so little time now to sit and watch anything, and we bought a big LCD TV, which is fine for what we use. If you plan on getting a projector, dont just buy the cheapest you can find, you need one with a good contrast ratio and high resolution to make the most of movies, the ratio is important as it adds to the sharpness of the picture and makes all the colours stand out, projectors can be a bit "milky" sometimes. The newer HD ones are worth a look although they werent around when I had mine.
  13. Thanks Stu Look forward to seeing some from you soon !
  14. Thanks GB Who knows what the future might hold !
  15. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday graceland, wish we had more time to go away, but so busy at the moment looking after pets while everyone else is away on holiday !