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  1. Went last night to a free concert, (but with a collection that goes to the host school at the end). Done by the Bournemouth Jazz Orchestra which is a collection of brilliant musicians from all around the area. Some of my friends from the boat club play in it. They meet up about once a month and effectively it's a practice night, some of the music they don't see until the evening. It's very much a big band sound with some trad jazz thrown in. Might try to get little bit of Video in November and send it to you Eddie.
  2. I hate them, why why why must they do that sort of thing. For people like me it can so easily cost so much. I try to make sure all the anti things are up to date, but it is a pain.
  3. Pity the race couldn't criss cross Britain. Our roads down here are terrible, we recently had friends visiting from Rotherham, they thought our roads were in a worse condition than theirs. We'll soon need 4x4s to get around in.
  4. I'm only guessing but a response like that from is madness and sounds too familiar like a police call centre in action. Forces all over the country are having to save millions. One way is to remove all or most officers from call centres and replace them with civilians.
  5. It sounds like an April Fools Joke. Even a days work seems daft. I would have thought that a tradesman with the right tools could easily do that in an hour.
  6. I would have thought that they could be well used up towards the estuary of the Severn. I watched the trials here in Poole of the RNLI's hovercraft, they were working over the mud at a place called Holes Bay. Excellent, although my guess is that they would be frightening as they approached anyone stuck in the mud.
  7. I'm sure it will be a great atmosphere, in face sometimes the 'atmosphere' can be more exciting than the event itself. Go on Gloucester... ENJOY it. A lasting memory for me although totally opposite to any exciting event, was after the death of Diana. We took my Mum to London to see the flowers. The atmosphere was truly amazing. To walk around the streets near the palace, no sound, just the amazing scent of millions of flowers. That lives on I guess for ever.
  8. Maybe they will start selecting residents for a "Bag over head job". Is it really that bad? Surely visitors to any part of the world could find slums or bad buildings, but I wonder how many take notice of them?
  9. I suppose it's a case of no pain, no gain.
  10. Amazing, to have the ability to build using miniature bricks etc. I wonder what he used to 'cement' them into walls? The tiles?
  11. Thank goodness Rock an' Roll passed onto the great retirement home in the sky. He would be about 105 by now and game for anything.
  12. Had one today from Nat West Maintenance Dept. Saying that my credit card had been flagged. I phoned the number on the back of the card and started to read the email to the lady. I only got as far as "Dear Customer" and she stopped me. She said that if NatWest wanted to communicate with me in any way it would be with my full name. I forwarded it to
  13. Looks good and hopefully good for the local economy. While we need to guard our green and pleasant land I do wish that 'Natural England' would sink into some natural bog somewhere. They are clearly more interested in insects etc. than human beings.
  14. How did we survive? It was great fun though. I took a sledge to the hills but the snow was so deep the runners sank right in. Some big lads were there with a huge sledge and they put me on the front with about 6 of them behind. Great fun until we hit a snowed over hole. I was buried under the snow with the sledge and 6 lads on top. They were very kind though and dug me out before I expired. Another expedition saw me and three others all roped together walking through the High Street, heading towards the sand pits. We were going mountain climbing. The only danger was that men in white coats could have taken us off to hospital.