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  1. One night of eclectic entertainment PLUS an engaging exhibition! FRIDAY 8TH JUNE Exhibition and bar open from 7pm and after the show Performances start at 7.30pm Free of charge. All welcome. Full information on Theatre Gloucestershire.
  2. The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, is bringing The Selfish Giant to us this Saturday from 11:30-12:30. It's a puppet fairytale for 3-7 year olds. And the best bit? It's FREE! If you'd like to come along, please do. If you're bringing a group, please e-mail us to let us know how many: We look forward to seeing you there!
  3. Anyone catch us on the front page of the Citizen yesterday? What do people think about the "Barton Box"?
  4. Opening night tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you there! Did you know, we also have a blog as well as being on Twitter and Facebook? No excuse not to keep up to date with shows and events. We've also teamed up with The Guildhall Box Office, to make sales a little easier.
  5. Most people know The Picturedrome as a closed venue. It's been through many incarnations; not only a cinema, but a bingo hall, and a home to Gloucester Amateur Dramatics Society. On 25th April, we held a public consultation and, from that, drafted our constitution. Despite its many manifestations, The Picturedrome has always survived, and now remains as Gloucester's largest theatre. Anybody who has been to see the venue knows that it's bursting with potential. After a number of failed attempts to unlock that potential through the years, it has become harder to build community interest. We recently made a post on our blog about Ghost Theatres: It makes painful viewing, and we'd be lying if we said that The Picturedrome wasn't in danger of joining that list. Which would be a terrible shame as, in a recent survey, 55% of Gloucester respondents felt that a theatre was extremely important to its local community. 82% also felt that there was significant room for improvement in the arts in Gloucester. We're not just looking to bring in cutting edge drama, we also want to help to support arts and culture at home. From an entertainment angle we're running Gloucestershire's Got Talent again this year, turning the spotlight on local talent - but we're also looking to invest in community projects with lasting positive impact. We're very aware that the theatre won't survive without the support and enthusiasm of the local community. In return, we aim to pay back that enthusiasm with support and regeneration of our own. At the moment, we have only just started our change. What we are focusing on, and what you can help to get involved in, are: Promotion of Events: such as Fragments of Ash (25th May) and Seven Ages of Man (1st June). The Picturedrome is still known as a 'closed venue' and we want to let people know that we are very much open. We will also have a number of weekly bar events once our new Bar Manager, Ben, has settled in. Word of mouth is key - so if you have friends in the area, please tell them about us. You can also hire the venue for events of your own. Please request our Hire Pack from: Volunteer Opportunities: We have a PDF of open Volunteer Opportunities. We really need Front of House volunteers to come and help us during shows. This is a great way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in the theatre (and catch the odd show for free!). We're also looking for skilled volunteers to help us with our internal systems and charitable projects. If you think you could offer something that isn't listed in our Volunteer Opportunities, please drop us a line anyway. Corporate Support: Gloucestershire's Got Talent was inaugurated last year on a wave of enthusiasm. With a little bit of experience behind us, and a strong local following, we're looking for sponsors for this show and other landmark events. We're also looking for businesses and individuals who would like to sponsor much needed renovations to certain areas of our grade two listed building. In return, we can offer a number of packages to promote your business (plus entertaining perks). We would like to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our supporters throughout Gloucestershire. So, The Picturedrome is entering yet another incarnation. This time as a commercial theatre, but also as a charitable entity. Preserving the building, whilst encouraging its use in exploring the stories and themes that matter to our community. It's made it this far. 90 years next year! Let's make it shine. For general enquiries, PR and promotional support please e-mail: For sponsorship or skilled volunteer roles, please e-mail: Our Website Facebook Twitter
  6. Hello, We just wanted to mention that The Picturedrome now has a new website and also a blog. We're smoothing down the edges, and welcome feedback and comments. Especially the constructive sort that can help us to improve. You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter. We're re-launching as both a commercial theatre and a community organisation. We'll post more about this in the Business section shortly. We're really looking for volunteers and theatre enthusiasts to help us to promote our new shows and breathe fresh life into the venue. If you'd like to find out more, have a look around, or even hire the venue, please do get in touch through this forum, our website, or our social media. As Gloucester's largest remaining theatre, we'd hate to see it go the way of these ghost theatres.
  7. Sorry to say, this one has now been cancelled.
  8. On Friday 25th May, Gloucester Picturedrome will host Notional Theatre's gritty, cutting-edge drama, Fragments of Ash. The play asks the question: what would it take to make an ordinary British mother become a suicide bomber? "Spine-tingling and intense." - Three Weeks, Edinburgh "A very important piece of theatre." - Informed Edinburgh. Friday 25th May, 7:30. £12/£10 - Book Tickets Fragments of Ash: The Picturedrome:
  9. Gloucester Picturedrome currently has a number of volunteer openings. For more information, please download this PDF.
  10. Gloucester Picturedrome is running an online survey into theatre habits in the city. If you live in Gloucester, we'd be really grateful if you could take a moment to complete it: Theatre Survey This is part of a public consultation we're holding on April 25th from 2-4pm. We are looking at ways in which the theatre can help to support arts and culture within Gloucester. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail: for full details.
  11. Thanks so much for helping to promote this Eddie!
  12. Due to popular demand, there will be an additional performance of the theatre piece "Hidden Lives of Barton and Tredworth" at The Picturedrome Theatre, Barton Street, at 7.30pm on Saturday 28 April. Come and learn about the history and the people of Barton and Tredworth. Tickets £5 on the door. Full show information HERE. Gloucester Picturedrome on Facebook Twitter: @PicturedromeGL1