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    Hi I'm producing an interpretation panel for the ex Cope-Chat playing field now Queen Elizabeth II Field, and I was wondering if I could possibly use one of your photos please? Also does anyone have any anecdotes/photos of the Cope-Chat sport's days/matches? Any info would be gratefully received. Thank you
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    Copeland-Chatterson Co Ltd, 1893-2001 Stroud, paper manufacturers. The firm closed in 2001 While tidying up, Vanda found a photocopied folder of old pictures of this company which we will put up here in the next couple of days. We have no idea where they cam from, but Vandas family do have numerous connections with Stroud industry including this firm and Lickfolds amongst others. There are photos of : The packing roomThe shaping mchineThe sewing roomWire stichingfinishinfg roomSheet punching and more. They look to be from the 1930s
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    Hi Eddie, I've just found this thread as my ancestors founded Cope Chat. It was originally set up Canada and brought to Stroud by Albert Mann. Albert Mann was my mother's great uncle (grandfathers brother). He lived in a house called Sallymount in Rodborough Common, where my mother Carolyn Mann visited. I'll try and find a photo of him and post it up. Thanks for posting these photos you found!
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    You could try https://www.ecoglazehomeimprovements.co.uk/ they are very good.
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