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  4. Cheltenham Connections Concerts presents Rockology! 30th November 2018 11.00 - 1.15pm Pillar Room, Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, GL50 1QA Art Shape’s Connections Concerts provide great fun and an opportunity for dancing and singing along. They are highly inclusive – all the acts are very welcoming and encourage audience participation – and accessible for all. Performing their fifth Cheltenham Connections Concert, Rockology continue to play their way through the decades with something for everyone; from the Stones and Beatles to Queen and Quo. Their immense energy and brilliant sound will have you dancing again for sure! Tickets are £6 (free for a carer) and can be purchased through Cheltenham Town Hall box office: 0844 576 2210
  5. If you have a small garden then this might interest you: Growing vegetables in Containers
  6. Nominated for 3 Oscars, I Tonya depicts the life of ice skater Tonya Harding, her rise through the ranks of the US Figure Skating Championships, and the downfall of her career – stemming from an incident in the build up to the 1994 Winter Olympics, in which rival Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by a man hired by the husband and bodyguard of Harding. Doors open at 7pm, performance starts at 7.45pm. Price £7 per person which includes a free drink. Tickets available on the door on the night. Wick-Flix, The Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick, GL6 6QQ.
  7. Painswick's annual Goodwill Evening will take place on Friday 30th November 2018 from 5pm-8pm. This year, the theme of Painswick’s Goodwill Evening will be ‘Extending Goodwill to All’ and the event will focus on bringing out the true ‘goodwill’ spirit of Christmas. There will be a few charities present and visitors will be encouraged to bring donations with them, such as toys and food, for those more in need. There will also be traditional children’s games, craft stalls, hot food and treats, as well as a few surprises! A lantern parade will be performed by local school children, starting in St Mary’s Churchyard at 6pm and finishing at Father Christmas’s Grotto in the Painswick Centre. This year’s event is generously sponsored by ProcessMaker.
  8. Welcome to the boards David.
  9. Hi all Thinking of retiring to Gloucester. Back to my roots.
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  11. Hello all ,, David here A questionable arrangement to assemble an Aldi store, nursery and places of business on the edge of Cheltenham has been rejected for the second time. The real improvement was intended to be based off Grovefield Way, close to the Arle Court Roundabout, yet individuals from Cheltenham Borough Council's arranging board of trustees rejected its application in light of the fact that German markdown store Aldi would start more movement and contamination than the streets could deal with. Individuals from the advisory group respected the proposition to acquire more places of business into Cheltenham in the wake of hearing the town is shy of locales for more employments.
  12. On October 3rd, members of the Tredworth Facebook page received word that the Olympus was now 'back in the hands of the owners', and its restoration for use as a theatre venue was back on the cards. So watch this space.
  13. Hi There, Did the William Wasley on the photo here come from Cheltenham. He had a son called James? A market gardener? Was Williams wife Mary Ebsworth
  14. Hi Julia and welcome to the boards. I hope your event goes well and raises lots of money for 2 great charities.
  15. Coln St Aldwyns Choir and friends are performing a programme of music and words as part of a Cirencester-wide festival to mark the centenary of the Armistice at the end of the Great War on 11th November 1918. The concert looks at the sacrifices made by soldiers and civilians on both sides of that conflict but, more importantly, celebrates the coming of peace after five years of bitter conflict and the loss of millions of lives. Proceeds from the concert will go to local medical charity Cobalt to support the research and diagnostic work it carries out into cancer and dementia. Proceeds will also go to the Royal British Legion as part of their annual Poppy appeal that continues to provide support for servicemen and women in need of help and tackle the difficulties experienced by those who have been casualties of military service. The concert starts at 7.30pm on 2nd November in Cirencester Parish Church, Market Place, GL7 2NX. Tickets are priced at £25 and £15 (restricted view), and are available through the Coln St Aldwyns Choir website at or at Coln Stores, Main St, Coln St Aldwyns, GL7 5AN tel; 01285 750294
  16. Many thanks. Anyone can add their own events there
  17. The Event Calendar is a great idea, I must say. A very nice website, Eddie. Cheers.
  18. If you are looking for anything to do with the Forest of Dean then try this site.We have a directory of local sites and a Calendar of events.
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  20. Indeed we were
  21. Are we talking about sparkes' bakery of rycroft St, used to get a bag of stale cakes in there on the way home from school in the early 70's. And ruddy's chippy in the high St used to give us scrumppies.... hands up who can remember what there were
  22. You could look here
  23. I am in the process of preparing a book titled ‘Lost Gloucester’. It is intended to show a wide range of scenes of a way of life around the city from the last 100 or so years that has disappeared, including buildings, people, street scenes, transport, parks, teams, events, leisure etc. If anyone has any photos that they think may be suitable to include in the book, and would be willing to lend them to me for a couple of days so I could copy them, I would be very grateful. All photos used will be credited with the photographer’s name.
  24. Is anyone in charge of dealing with spam now? So, not long after my post last November, the trees were planted. Near the end of the long hot spell, though, I noticed that they appeared, if not dead, close to death. Newly planted trees have to be watered every day for the first two weeks, then every week for a year. Twice a week in hot weather, as I recall a previous search revealing. I doubt these trees were watered at all during the long heat, if ever, so I'll be very surprised if they don't need replacing, by the people who had an obligation to care for them. Or did they think planting the trees was the end of their commitment?
  25. Insert existing attachmentThe Gloucester Mind Body Spirit Show is back at the Gloucester Guildhall, on Saturday 1st December for a whole day of holistic and spiritual entertainment. Organiser: Julie Fenn of Deer Spirit Events. Doors open at 11 am and the show features a main exhibition from 11am until 5pm and free talks, demonstrations and workshops from 1pm – to 7.30pm. The show concludes with a real treat. Matthew Manning, the world famous healer will talk about his life in healing and how he had his healing abilities scientifically tested. Manning will also demonstrate his healing process with an audience member. He’ll be on stage from 7.30 – 10 pm. In the exhibition stalls will sell crystals, jewellery, incense, art and other spiritual gifts. There will be angel card, tarot and shamanic readers and mediums. Therapies include reflexology Reiki, Chinese neck and shoulder massage, dream analysis and animal clairsentience. The show also features free talks from authors Lynn Jones and Nicky Marshall. And from award winning scientist and best-selling author, Nick Jankel, the founder of Switch On. Free workshops include: the Way of the Wyrd, Gloucestershire Paranormal Investigations, The Unicorn Workshop, Nia – a mind and body physical conditioning programme that combines martial arts, modern dance, arts and yoga in a workout set to music. · Saturday 1st December · 11 am – 10pm · 23 Eastgate Street, GL1 1NS Gloucester, Gloucestershire · £2 entrance, on door, to main exhibition, talks, demos and workshops. Under 16s free if accompanied by an adult * Evening with Matthew Manning tickets £16 available from Guildhall box office:
  26. hi mum lived at millbrook street and remembers seeing planes go over and bombs coming down and when coming back from shelter the milkman's leg was in the garden and still wonders if he survived ,and if it was his real leg or just the clothing . and she remembers all windows in the house shattered and roof tiles had gone. and they had to move out. she's 89 now and her sister was there but just a baby .
  27. December 19th to 21st at Gloucester Guild Hall. A family Pantomime Tickets on sale at the Gloucester Tourist Centre – 01452 396572 Read More
  28. Lots of nice wooden chimes about
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