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  2. A 'Dead Ringers' special had just started on Radio 4, so I may have been shaking with laughter at the time, so it was cancelled out.
  3. So, GCH building on more open spaces, but you're still doing better for green spaces than Barton & Tredworth, who don't seem to rate a Youtube video...
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  5. My partner is descended from the Theyer family of Brockworth. She did quite a bit of digging and cross-checking into the family tree shown in the aforementioned book. For anyone wondering the book the original poster mentions is by Canon William Bazeley, the vicar at Matson in the early part of the last century.
  6. Did anyone else feel that? About twenty minutes ago now, house shook twice pretty vigorously.
  7. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the pics
  8. Hi Eddie, I've just found this thread as my ancestors founded Cope Chat. It was originally set up Canada and brought to Stroud by Albert Mann. Albert Mann was my mother's great uncle (grandfathers brother). He lived in a house called Sallymount in Rodborough Common, where my mother Carolyn Mann visited. I'll try and find a photo of him and post it up. Thanks for posting these photos you found!
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  10. Copeland-Chatterson Co Ltd, 1893-2001 Stroud, paper manufacturers. The firm closed in 2001 While tidying up, Vanda found a photocopied folder of old pictures of this company which we will put up here in the next couple of days. We have no idea where they cam from, but Vandas family do have numerous connections with Stroud industry including this firm and Lickfolds amongst others. There are photos of : The packing roomThe shaping mchineThe sewing roomWire stichingfinishinfg roomSheet punching and more. They look to be from the 1930s
  11. Hello, I am a descendant of the Theyer family of Brockworth. I have been informed that they first came to the area in 1495. There is reference to John Theyer in the 17th c on the internet and Theyers lived at Coopers Hill in 17th c onward for some time. I wonder if that is my line as they were supposed to be one family who emigrated in 1495? I can identify my own grandmother's family line through the Census and I am in possession of photographs and birth / death certificates. They moved to Devon - Ilfracombe, in the 20's to farm and one branch moved to Hitchen in Herts also to farm. What I would like to find out is the ancient family line and in particular where they came from. My father before he passed away, said that they came from Europe and that he had read a small book by Canon William Baseley (could be Bazeley), which was in the possession of his uncle Fred in Hitchen. There is reference to this book in a document at the British Library, but not the actual book. I would love to see this little book, so if any one has it I would appreciate meeting you to at least have a look at it. Also, if there are any relatives of Caroline Theyer I am her granddaughter, My uncle is under the impression there are no Theyers left, but I would appreciate confirmation. I live in UK and am going to visit Brockworth when the weather improves.
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