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  2. On October 3rd, members of the Tredworth Facebook page received word that the Olympus was now 'back in the hands of the owners', and it's restoration for use as a theatre venue was back on the cards. So watch this space.
  3. Hi There, Did the William Wasley on the photo here come from Cheltenham. He had a son called James? A market gardener? Was Williams wife Mary Ebsworth
  4. Hi Julia and welcome to the boards. I hope your event goes well and raises lots of money for 2 great charities.
  5. Coln St Aldwyns Choir and friends are performing a programme of music and words as part of a Cirencester-wide festival to mark the centenary of the Armistice at the end of the Great War on 11th November 1918. The concert looks at the sacrifices made by soldiers and civilians on both sides of that conflict but, more importantly, celebrates the coming of peace after five years of bitter conflict and the loss of millions of lives. Proceeds from the concert will go to local medical charity Cobalt to support the research and diagnostic work it carries out into cancer and dementia. Proceeds will also go to the Royal British Legion as part of their annual Poppy appeal that continues to provide support for servicemen and women in need of help and tackle the difficulties experienced by those who have been casualties of military service. The concert starts at 7.30pm on 2nd November in Cirencester Parish Church, Market Place, GL7 2NX. Tickets are priced at £25 and £15 (restricted view), and are available through the Coln St Aldwyns Choir website at or at Coln Stores, Main St, Coln St Aldwyns, GL7 5AN tel; 01285 750294
  6. Many thanks. Anyone can add their own events there
  7. The Event Calendar is a great idea, I must say. A very nice website, Eddie. Cheers.
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  9. If you are looking for anything to do with the Forest of Dean then try this site.We have a directory of local sites and a Calendar of events.
  10. Peforming arts enthusiasts in Gloucester are searching for a new home after the Olympus Theatre in Barton was unexpectedly closed despite a promising start. The venue was leased out in May last year to a budding group of volunteers looking to transform the area into the cultural centre of Gloucester. After securing funding and putting in a fair amount of elbow grease, the grade II-listed theatre reopened and began holding a number of shows, including a performance by the Royal Ballet School from London. Various schools and the University of Gloucestershire were also making use of the facilities and live music performances were taking place as well. Such was the success of the enterprise that even the Globe Theatre in London got in touch in November 2014 to put on its production of Romeo and Juliet at the venue. However it was not to be, as three weeks before they got in touch, the arts project folded due to claimed differences between the volunteers and the venue's leaseholder Saqib Rasul. They left in November and no shows have been put on since although events can still be held at the venue. It meant the arts team's plans of expanding and improving the historic site by introducing a new cafe, restaurant and bar as well as a new studio and dressing room facilities were also halted. Heading the original project was Phil McCormick of the Gloucestershire Theatre Association which said it had proven the city needed a theatre venue. "Regrettably due to issues with the current property ownership structure we felt we could not effectively operate so withdrew our management," he said. "A lack of heating and its general condition made hosting events such as the Globe production impossible. "The year we operated the theatre proved beyond doubt we can create the correct performance space within the city to attract world-class theatre and build our own local theatre community. Such a shame.
  11. Old Photo of Winchcombe High Street ( Date Unknown ? ) Here's a copy of a photo given to me by my late grandmother's cousin Hilda from the Cotswold village of Winchcombe, near Cheltenham, who at the time was 100 years old and whose mind is still as sharp as a new pin. On October 18th 2007 she will be celebrating her 103rd birthday. The scene is an early photograph of Winchcombe High Street , which at first I believed was taken in the early 1900's..... However, when zooming in on one of the shop signs in the photo there was the name of a W & A Cabey and upon asking Hilda about the shop, she had no recollections at all of W & A Cabey owning a shop there, despite her razor sharp memory and so I assume that the photo was taken before the 1900's possibly 1800's or earlier ? In the forefront of the right hand side of the picture is an ancestor of mine, by the name of William Wasley, wearing a trilby hat, but as there were several generations going back, with the same name, only a visit to the Gloucester Archive's, formally known as Gloucester record office, to look up the trader Wm Cabey, might give an approximate year, that the photo was taken. I hope to get around to visiting Glos Archives and start looking up W & A Cabey's shop to get an approx date, sometime soon. Update: I've now sent a copy of this picture to Gloucester Family History Society and It wil be featured in their March 2008 edition. If you're a guest to these boards and can't see the photo, then register for free and the photo's will be revealed. .
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