Sadly many national charities have just forgotten what charity really means. They have turned from charitable institutions into lobbying organisations and they seem to think that paying millions in advertising and paying their staff vast amounts of money is ok. Well, it isn’t.

I no longer give to any national charities and only support local ones that remember what their purpose in life is, and chuggers get very short drift from me.

It has got so bad that the government is now drafting new laws to protect vulnerable people from aggressive fund raising, very often through repeated telephone calls.


Under the new rules, charities with incomes of more than £1m will set out in their trustees’ annual report their fundraising approach.

This will include the use of professional fundraising agencies, as well as steps to prevent inappropriate fundraising from vulnerable people, such as the elderly and people with Alzheimer’s.

The legislation would also require all professional fundraisers to set out in their agreements with charities what steps they are taking to protect vulnerable people from high-pressure tactics.

Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson said the new laws would have “some impact on charities” but they should understand that the “loss of revenue will come if these scandals continue to go on”.

He warned that a failure to respond could result in full regulation of the charity sector, which “would incur big costs for charities”.

He added that the government has also set up a review panel to look at measures to stop fundraisers finding “ways around the system”. The panel will report by September.


Posted by Visit Gloucestershire