Big BenOn Wednesday this week, I and my oldest friend took the train to London and then to Parliament to see prime ministers questions and a tour of the buildings with out MP Richard Graham. We had a wonderful day there.

Watching PMQs live is very different to seeing it on the TV where the cameras only give you a very limited view of the chamber. In the gallery you can see it all and it is fascinating to see people you normally only see on the box and of course you can see where all the Ya Booing is coming from. Sadly photography is not allowed from the chamber so I can’t put any up here, but I do have some from different places that you can see below.

After PMQs we met Richard Graham MP in the central lobby for a tour of parliament and the Lords, so grateful thanks to Richard for giving us so much of his time.

I did manage to sneak a pic of a wonderful painting of the siege of Gloucester

Siege of Gloucester

Siege of Gloucester


After the tour which included an old chapel and the House of Lords Richard took us both to the Strangers bar and we enjoyed a drink on the balcony




Here is a photo of the 3 of us at the end of the day


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