Gloucester Quays have jobs to fill

With four weeks to go until the opening of a £200m shopping outlet in the city of Gloucester, more than 100 positions have yet to be filled.

Earlier in April, a jobs fair was held to introduce job-seekers to employers at Gloucester Quays.

But companies who were not represented are finding it hard to recruit workers.

Gloucester Quays programme director Ahmed Goga said there were jobs “with good salaries” and the company was confident they would be filled quickly.

Mr Goga added: “I think that the vacancies still standing are those employers that are just completing their agreements with Gloucester Quays and are moving into place now and several of those are only just on the path to recruitment.”

There are more than 12,000 people currently claiming jobseekers’ allowance in Gloucestershire.

The revamp features a 60-acre section of the city’s quayside turned into shops and flats, with a hotel, supermarket and factory outlets.

Gloucester Quays takes in land south of the docks and on both sides of the canal.

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